22 July 2010

Cheers to Montana Mornings and the first year of photos!  Woot Woot!
We want to thank you for visiting us here each Thursday morning.
The Native (Sarah) & the Norwegian (Camilla) will be on vacation from Montana Mornings until fall.   
In the meantime we are deciding what to do next.  Maybe another year of morning dippy's or shake it up and do something new.. you will have to wait and see.

See you in the fall!

15 July 2010

Sarah: cup of ribbons
Camilla: farm mohawk

08 July 2010

Sarah:  trees and sky
Camilla: green

01 July 2010

Sarah:  sewing day
Camilla: chores

24 June 2010

Sarah:  watering the garden
Camilla: rainy with chance of meatballs

17 June 2010

Sarah: moving dirt
Camilla: helper

10 June 2010

Sarah: camp chores
Camilla: morning appointment