01 July 2010

Sarah:  sewing day
Camilla: chores


Patricia said...

Hey Sarah
That's a sweet skirt and i love the print and color!

Camilla, good luck with the chores!

Have a wonderful day xo

Neuroknitter said...

Good morning, ladies!! Happy July!

I sooo love this diptych...I feel transported to somewhere carefree (almost)! That green skirt is extraordinary!

Conny said...

I love how the wood deck ties the pictures together. :>) Like the pattern of the fabric.

t does wool said...

now these don't really look like "chores" ;))

Sherry O'Keefe said...

now i wished i sewed, but i do have some gloves that match the other photo.

love your blog. inspiring.

barefoot mama said...

LOVE this!